Progressive Press Stamping

NEWMARK Medical Components provides progressive die stamping services specializing in medical components such as EKG studs, IV catheter wedges, pacemaker housings, and fluid containment caps. Manufactured product can be taken from the design stage to production for the most difficult component in a time frame that most companies can only imagine.

NEWMARK's capabilities are augmented by not only the 20+ progressive presses, but, by stamping speeds that far exceed eyelet stamping speeds; up to 600 strokes per minute which in turn will provide a cost savings advantage.

Progressive Press StampingProgressive Press StampingProgressive Press StampingProgressive Press Stamping

Equipment Specifications
20 Progressive Press Stamping
Secondary Presses
Press Rating: 5-32 tons
Press Speed - Up to 600 Strokes /
24 Hour Production Capability -
       Lights Out Manufacturing
Low to Ultra High Volume
Thicknesses from 0.004" to 0.040"
Stainless Steel
Copper Based Alloys
Precious Metals
Clad and Pre-Plated Materials
Cold Rolled Steel
Tolerances / Dimensions
  • Inside and Outside Diameters +/- 0.001”
  • Length Dimensions +/- 0.002”
  • Radius Dimensions +/- 0.0025”
Medical Markets
Patient Monitoring
Fluid Administration
Fluid Containment
Fluid Separation
Minimally Invasive Surgery | Arthroscopy
Temperature Monitoring

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