Transfer Press Stamping (Deep Draw)

The capabilities of NEWMARK Medical Components transfer presses allow us to produce a wide variety of deep drawn components. IV catheter wedges, ampoule lids, tips for medical devices and temperature probes are just a few products that NEWMARK Medical's 60+ transfer presses can produce in quantities from thousands to millions.

Whatever designed component is specified, be it eyelets, tubes, closed end tubes, grommets, shells, cups, cans, rivets, connectors, caps, sleeves, crimp sleeves or housings, dedicated Tool Makers assure the end component always meets our customers needs.

Transfer Press StampingTransfer Press StampingTransfer Press Stamping
Equipment Specifications
65 Transfer Presses
4 Secondary Presses
1,000 to 100 Million Pieces Per                  Year
Material Thickness -0.004" - 0.040"
Stainless Steel
Copper Based Alloys
Precious Metals
Clad and Pre-Plated Materials
Cold Rolled Steel
Tolerances / Dimensions
  • Inside and Outside Diameters +/- 0.001"
  • Length Dimensions +/- 0.003"
  • Radius Dimensions +/- 0.003"
  • Material Thickness-0.004" - 0.040"
Medical Markets
Patient Monitoring
Fluid Administration
Fluid Containment
Fluid Separation
Minimally Invasive Surgery | Arthroscopy
Temperature Monitoring

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